Dell’s new XPS 13

Dell’s new XPS 13 By T4SKY TECH NEWS

Dell’s XPS13 argues that this is the best traditional Windows laptop, but in recent years it’s a bit aesthetic because the design has hardly been changed since 2015. While the 2018 model has not changed the formula, a new white-and-rose-gold colorway and even smaller frame is welcome change of pace.

Whenever you can get a traditional black and silver laptop, then the color is the star of the show. The white laptop has a tendency to be stained, but Dell says that you should ensure the resistant to anything you throw on its special coating – including your grubby skin oils.The white model also has a little woven texture that looks good.

The laptop is 30 percent slim than the previous model and starts with 2.7 pounds, it has been once again made “the smallest 13-inch on the planet”. The already-tiny bezels are even smaller, and now you can configure it with a 4K screen with 100 percent sRGB coverage.TheThe webcam is still on the chunky bottom bezel though, and I want to use a long aspect ratio like Dell 16:10 or 3: 2, but it’s still the best screen-to-body ratio you can find.

OneOne change that might divide some users is that Dell is going all in on USB-C ports and and abandoning USB-A (though the box has an adapter). The laptop has three USB-C ports, two of them Thunderball 3 ports, and one USB 3.1. Another clean bonus: At this time, Thunderball 3 port comes with a full four PCI-E lane, which should allow you to add external graphics without hitch.

Dell’s new XPS 13 By T4SKY TECH NEWS

Meanwhile the refresh comes with a bigger battery to both provide “up to 19 hours” of battery with the FHD display, and improved thermals should help get more out of the 8th-gen Intel chips under load.

The new laptop goes on sale today on and, starting at $999. You can read more about the new laptop on Dell’s website.

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