Google plans to update Chrome with better ad-fighting features

Google plans to update Chrome with better ad-fighting features by T4SKM4STER

Google is running new security features for Chrome, which will force third-party ads to entice or hide pop-up blockers within a site.

On its Chromium blog, Google attempts to get user responses to believe that the site will randomly redirect to other pages – one of the five feedback reports is related to viewing unwanted content, some pages do this automatically, Whereas there are other transparent overlays or deceptive buttons.

Another nifty trick is to replace the page that you are currently advertising, while opening that link while trying to reach the other tab. Google calls this “effective deception” of pop-up blocker.

Starting with January, Chrome will block these types of redirects. Site owners today can use an abusive experience report, allowing them to see if their site has such problems or not. If they do, and the content of the site is not fixed within 30 days, then the site will not be able to open new pages or trigger redirects.

It can be part of Google’s campaign against malicious advertisements, which has been working since the beginning of this year. The company has also said that advertisers must be ready to clean their ads until next year or they will not be visible to Chrome users at any time.

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