iPhone X green line screen issues different, but growing…

iPhone X green line screen issues by t4skytechnews

Though the iPhone X is proving to be a popular high-end device for Apple, but it is not without some technical issues.The cold weather apparently affects the touchscreen, and there have been some problems with the GPS. A new issue is apparently cropping up, where a thin lime green line is visible on the edge of some displays.

The incidents reported on this point are very few, but the number is increasing, as the posts on reddit, twitter, and even the apple support page are also starting to appear. Rebooting the device does nothing to fix the problem.

 Apple’s support has yet to be responsive, fasting to work with users to fix this issue. Initial solution options usually begin with asking if the user had updated to the latest 11.1.1 iOS.

While it isn’t exactly a green screen of death, it is still another issue that Apple hadn’t planned on. And while the initial instances of those reporting the problem are low, there is no telling how many have experienced the issue without reporting it. It could also be an issue with an installed app that may be incompatible in some way.

No matter what the cause, it looks like Apple engineers have more troubleshooting to do.

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