Special Love Messages for Her

Special Love Messages for Her


• Nobody has ever been what you’re to me.
You made all my dreams become reality.
You bring bliss and happiness to my life and made me love without doubting.

• It feels too good to love and be loved back.
It feels even wonderful to love someone special like you and being loved back.
I’m feeling like a king already.

• I believe that you’re one of the amazing things that makes my world colorful.
You filled my heart with untold joy and happiness.

• I see an ocean in your eyes, I see myself inside this ocean.
I’ll swim to your heart to measure the depth of this love I feel for you.

• Love is not winning someone to be on your part but loosing yourself to someone.
Its a pledge, I will always love you.

• I am blessed to have a girlfriend,

sweet as a rosebud bright as a star,

cute as a kitten.
You are everything I love and more.

• I never wanted to love but you changed it.
Weaken my body and captured my heart.
I can’t get you off my mind.

• Have any guy ever told you that you own the best smile in the world?
Best smiles are owned by special people who have special faces.
I love you honey.

• I keep starring at your eyes.
Wondering why you were made so beautiful.
I feel so lucky being you man.
I love you so much.

• I try to imagine how much I am into you,

the answer I get is that you are so special and worthy of being my lover.


Special Love Messages for Her