Sure looks like China has a ship-mounted railgun

Ever since Eraser, everybody desires a railgun. Turns out China is not any exception. Some pictures posted by Dafeng Cao, a Twitter consumer who retains shut tabs on Chinese army developments, present a ship-mounted gun that would very effectively be the nation’s very personal homegrown electromagnetically propelled mass driver.

Railguns, or coil weapons, speed up stable metallic projectiles utilizing ultra-strong electromagnets, firing them effectively above speeds achieved by standard ballistic strategies. We’re speaking Mach 6 right here. The U.S. has been engaged on them for years, and has produced some very cool test videos, however I haven’t heard about any of them being mounted on ships.

But Arnold can dual-wield them.

It’s all hypothesis — not just like the Chinese army would verify, though apparently the railgun analysis is an open secret — however a couple of issues level to the concept that this isn’t simply an strange deck-mounted gun with a particular fairing.

First, its comparatively quick barrel tucked deep in that housing means that the acceleration parts are all beneath there, very similar to the functioning American weapons we’ve seen demonstrated. No sense having all that floor space except it’s defending one thing, in any other case you would possibly as effectively paint a goal on it.

Second, the ship it’s on isn’t China’s customary check mattress ship, the Type 909, regardless of these vessels being fairly new and created for at-sea testing. Dafeng Cao cites a former Chinese Navy officer who says that that is probably as a result of the ability output of the 909 not excessive sufficient nor versatile sufficient to maintain the large energy load vital to fireside these weapons. The Type 072, which was used, is extra simply retrofitted with…

…The third clue, a set of transport containers mounted simply aft of the gun; if it’s something the railguns we’ve seen, there’s a bunch of energy and operational infrastructure that wouldn’t match inside that fairing, however would slot in a pair containers.

Last, a banner has just been raised on the ship that reads, roughly, “Providing first class weapons and equipment for building the best navy in the world.” So it appears like it is a type of

If China has managed to mount its railgun on a ship, meaning they’ve gone to nice means to miniaturize and modularize this refined and intensely heavy piece of apparatus. Like the U.S. one, it’s virtually actually nowhere close to prepared for deployment (standard munitions are much more sensible proper now), however it could but be — in contrast to ours, which has apparently fallen out of favor with naval authorities and can probably never see combat.

Featured Image: Dafeng Cao / Twitter

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