Risks of buying Lifetime Deals from Appsumo

what are some of the risks involved in buying lifetime saas deals?
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When you buy a Lifetime Deal on Appsumo or any other platform, understand it comes with many risks.
      1. The company could go out of business: If the company offering the lifetime SaaS deal goes out of business or shuts down its service, you could lose access to the software and any associated data.
      1. The company could change its business model: It could change its business model and decide to charge for the software or limit the features available to lifetime subscribers.
      1. The software could become outdated: If it is not regularly updated and maintained, it could become outdated and no longer helpful.
      1. The company could change its terms of service: The company could change its terms of service, which could result in changes to the features and services offered to lifetime subscribers.
      1. The company could be acquired: If another company acquires the company, the new owner could decide to change the terms of the lifetime SaaS deal or shut down the service.
      1. Simple decide not to honour the deal
      It's essential to carefully consider these risks before purchasing a lifetime SaaS deal and to do your due diligence on the company offering the deal to ensure that it is financially stable and has a track record of providing quality software and support.


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