How to use Notion to Write and Publish a Blog

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Why use Notion AI?
Notion AI is a tool that helps you understand the complex text and make it easier to understand. It can help you break down difficult concepts into simpler language, so that you can better comprehend what you are reading.
What are the most popular Notion use cases?
Notaku supports almost all of Notion editing capabilities
You can color text and add text styles or even color backgrounds
It’s also cool to add some inline code or code blocks
console.log(`Hello world!`)


You can also use toggle blocks to hide blocks
Hidden content 1
Hidden content 2
You can write numbered lists
  1. Number 1
  1. Number 2
  1. Number 3
    1. Nested a
    2. Nested b
You can also use bulleted list
  • Bulleted list 1
  • Bulleted list 2
  • Bulleted list 3


Callouts are the best way to tell important info to the reader


Image without caption
Image without caption
Image without caption
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